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The mixture makes the difference

Our employees are always there for you. Our recipe for success is the mixture of professional experience and youthful drive. As a training company, we employ a dozen young people who are on fire for their profession. On the other hand, there are the many years of experience of many of our employees who know our house inside out - and who do everything they can to ensure that you remember your stay as a wonderful time.


We will be happy to serve you:

Petra Schrembs - Restaurant Manager
Christine Lösch
Steffi Kienas
Andrea Steinbichler
Katja Palme - Deputy Restaurant Manager
Esther Scholz
Fatou Sunday
Lisa Kitzia
Charito Krammer
Natalie Weber
Anna Szwagrzak
Brigitte Pfister
Renate Hofmann
Michael Kohl

We leave no stone unturned for you:

Karsten Vollbrecht - Head Chef
Klaus Fischer
Mike Pürner
Osman Mohamad 

We will be happy to welcome you:

Martine Lippert-Dubois - Reception Manager
Viktoria Faber
Alicia Nunez Canovas
Christian Schneider
Axel Dubois
Lea Eschenbach

With us you lie down in the made bed:

Karin Bär - housekeeper
Rabija Hazihasanovic - housekeeper assistant

I wish you a good night:

Michael Manlik - night manager

We'll hold a room for you:

Julia Scott - reservations manager
Angela Henning - assistant reservations manager
Denise Woods
Melanie Wiedemann

We'll keep the hotel in good shape for you:

Niger Alan
Ertac Güvendi
Saphir Güvendi
Fatma Güven
Hasibe Özmen
Jan Richter

We leave nothing tobe desired:

Peter Löw - Managing Director
Christel Daum - Director
Katja Thun - Deputy Director
Johanna Simon - Deputy Director
Alexandra Hanke