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Celebrate parties at Ringhotel

Whether private celebrations such as baptism, communion, confirmation, birthdays and wedding celebrations or business anniversaries - at Ringhotel Loew's Merkur you will always find the right setting.

Best accessibility by all means of public transport and the free use of our parking spaces during your celebration are a matter of course.

You will benefit from our first-class advice, courteous service and planning entirely according to your wishes.

We will cordially take care of everything that will make your festive day an unforgettable event.

You will find our current menu suggestions under the heading Menu and Buffet Suggestions. Let us seduce you!


Your contact: Diana Kinzel-Horn or Petra Schrembs, Tel 0911 - 99 4 33 0

Premises #



Here whole generations feel comfortable! The Frankenstube is located on the first floor of our house.
With its wood-paneled, cozy interior, the air-conditioned Frankenstube has always been particularly well suited for family celebrations for up to 14 people.


Wine room


When it should be festive! Our Wine Room is located on the first floor and can also be divided into two smaller rooms if necessary. The stylish decor is determined by the four chandeliers and several original South Tyrolean carvings, which give this room a special atmospheric flair.

Let yourself be enchanted!



For the beautiful hours you never forget!
Both halls form a perfect whole if you want to celebrate a big party. The foyer and Europasaal 1 provide the spatial setting for an aperitif reception or a food buffet, while you dine festively in Europasaal 2. But a separate use of the smaller Europasaal 1 for festive purposes is also a wonderful room option, as you can also include the spacious foyer here.

To the Europasaal

Salons / Spiegelsaal


Our salons are located on the second floor of the house and are all easily accessible by elevator. They are perfectly suitable for family celebrations and business lunches.
The rooms are very variable and they are ideal for celebrations in the family circle up to the big anniversary and company celebration. There is also a spacious foyer available.

For large parties, we recommend that the meal be served in the Merkur-Spiegelsaal - the adjoining Salon 4 is ideal for a reception with an aperitif or for setting up a food buffet.

To the salons

Buffet and menu proposals #

(from 30 persons)



Franconian potato soup with marjoram
(will be served)

Cold dishes

Juniper-smoked trout fillets with cranberry-cream horseradish
City sausage with "music"
Various ham specialties
Nuremberg grilled sausages with cream horseradish
Cucumber salad with fresh dill, various leaf salads, coleslaw with bacon, tomato salad,
homemade potato salad

Warm dishes

Suckling pig leg roasted in beer crust
Roasted veal shank fresh from the oven
Juicy farm duck
Steamed pike-perch medallions with dill cream sauce
Sour croissants
Small cabbage rolls in spicy caraway jus
Vegetarian: Vegetable strudel filled with broccoli, kohlrabi, carrots, corn and Emmentaler
Yogurt-herb dip

Side dishes:
Variety of vegetables, homemade blue cabbage, butter rice, small raw dumplings


Bavarian cheese board with Obatzder, mountain cheese, radish and radish
Fresh fruit salad with Franconian pear brandy
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

€ 44,00

(from 30 persons)



(will be served)

Cold dishes

Seafood salad
Melon with Parma ham
Insalata Caprese - tomato and mozzarella with fresh basil
Peppers, zucchini and cherry tomatoes marinated in olive oil and stuffed with cheese
Seasonal salads with various dressings
Farmer's salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, pepperoni and feta cheese

Warm dishes

Saltimbocca - Tender veal cutlets with ham and sage
on light white wine sauce
Turkey skewers on spicy pepper sauce
Lamb chops roasted in garlic butter
Fish stew with shrimp on fruity lime sauce with bell bell pepper strips
Vegetarian: Rigatoni with tomato-herb sauce
Side dishes:
Colorful vegetable selection, risotto "Milanese style", baked potato wedges, tagliatelle


Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce
Taleggio and Gorgonzola from the board with grapes

€ 50,50

(from 30 persons)



Italian tomato cream soup with gin
(will be served)

Cold dishes

Shrimp cocktail with fruits
Waldorf salad
Variation of smoked fish specialties - trout, mackerel and salmon -
with cream horseradish, dill-mustard sauce
Various roast specialties with sauce remoulade
Seasonal salads with various dressings

Warm dishes

Steamed lemon sole rolls with lime sauce
Pork medallions in colorful pepper cream sauce with bell peppers and zucchini
Zurich veal cutlets with fresh mushrooms
Vegetarian: Fried Swabian raviolis with onion-leek filling in creamy herb sauce
Side dishes:
Variety of vegetables, herb rice, potato rösti, homemade egg noodles


Cappuccino cream with whipped cream
Panna cotta with raspberry sauce
Fresh fruit salad with Franconian pear brandy
International cheese specialties from the board

€ 54,50

(from 35 persons)



Chanterelle cream soup with fresh herbs and bread croutons
(will be served)

Cold dishes

Cream puff with trout mousse
Shrimp tails fried in garlic butter on marinated seaweed salad
with sesame seeds
Variation of smoked fish specialties - trout, mackerel and salmon -
with cream horseradish, dill-mustard sauce
Pork medallions on Waldorf salad
Pink roasted roast beef with tartar sauce
Seasonal salads with various dressings

Warm dishes

Salmon and pike-perch in puff pastry with creamy Riesling sauce
Beef fillet tips with fresh mushrooms in cream sauce
Saddle of veal in herb crust
Duck breast in orange sauce
Vegetarian: Cannelloni with ricotta-spinach filling in tomato sauce topped with cheese
Side dishes:
Variety of vegetables, butter rice, almond balls, homemade potato gratin


White and dark chocolate mousse
Berry compote with cream
Ice cream of your choice
International cheese specialties from the board

€ 64,50

We offer 4-course menus suitable for each season, full of seasonal vegetables and selected ingredients.
The perfect choice for your celebration or meeting.

Read more in our meeting folder.

Hotel wedding #

Marriages are made in heaven

But celebrations take place on earth. And not only for newlyweds.
At the latest with the silver or golden wedding anniversary, a second big family celebration is due. And in this we are the "hidden champion".

Our festive Spiegelsaal or the spacious Europasaal offer the ideal setting for the big commemorative celebration in the circle of your loved ones. And also the comfortable accommodation of your guests from near and far is no problem for us.

We will be happy to advise you on the composition of your desired menu, decorate your table in a delightful way and delight you with perfect service and a culinary menu sequence that will make your celebration an unforgettable experience.

And of course, after the glittering celebration, the wedding couple may spend the night in our special wedding suite free of charge.

Well, if that's not a reason for eternal loyalty.

Your contact: Julia Schulz and Angela Henning Tel 0911 - 99 4 33 0

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