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Our awards

DEHOGA Bronze Umwelt-Auszeichnung

Das Ringhotel Loew´s Merkur hat am DEHOGA - Umweltcheck für Hotellerie und Gastronomie in den Bereichen Energie/Klima, Wasser, Abfall und Lebensmittel/Einkauf regionaler Produkte erfolgreich teilgenommen, die festgelegten Anforderungen erfüllt und erhält auf der Grundlage der ausgewerteten Ergebnisse die Umwelt-Auszeichnung in BRONZE.

We are a top employer

The German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) conducted an independent employer screening on our behalf in June 2023. The Ringhotel Loew's Merkur achieved a score of 89 percentage points and is entitled to carry the seal TOP Employer Hotel - & Hospitality 2023/24. During the evaluation, the areas of working conditions, website analysis and applicant handling were examined.

In the case of working conditions, a total of 38 criteria were asked to be met. Ours (score: 86 percentage points out of 100).

In the website analysis, job advertisements and career pages were examined for their overall impression. (Our result: 79 percentage points out of 100)

In applicant handling, DtGV checked the handling of applicant documents for aspects such as simplicity of the applicant process, personal feedback or duration of feedback. In this subarea, Ringhotel Loew's Merkur achieved the maximum possible score of 100 percentage points-.

Only companies that score more than 70 percentage points in the overall evaluation are entitled to use the seal.

Our stars do not lie

Ringhotel Loew's Merkur received 4-star according to DEHOGA certification.

In a ceremony in Munich in October 2016, Minister of Economic Affairs and Tourism Ilse Aigner and DEHOGA Bavaria President Ulrich N. Brandl presented the certificates of German hotel classification to 78 hotels, restaurants and guesthouses in Bavaria.

Co-owner and managing director Peter Löw is pleased about the renewed certification as a 4-star hotel. In an ever increasing competition the star classification is the crucial signpost for guests, who decide on the basis of the classification for a certain standard.

The number of classified Bavarian hotels now stands at 1,802, meaning that almost one in four classified German hotel establishments is located in Bavaria.


We are ServiceQ certified

From the hand of Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Franz Josef Pschierer and DEHOGA Bayern President Ulrich N. Brandl, Managing Director Peter Löw and his employee Silvia Popp, dual students of the iba (International University of Cooperative Education) in our training company received the certificate on July 14, 2014 at a ceremony in Munich.

The ServiceQ seal is awarded for three years and obligates the company to regularly implement measures that are defined in an action plan. The aim is to optimize the service offering and perfect the service in a long-term, comprehensive and consistent guest-oriented manner.

We are GMP

Ringhotel Loew's Merkur receives the GastroManagementPassport

Ringhotel Loew's Merkur was awarded the GastroManagementPass at HOGA 2013 by Bavaria's Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Tourism, Katja Hessel, and Ulrich N. Brandl, President of the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association. Hotel director Christel Daum and Claudia Schwartz, partner and co-owner of Ringhotel Loew's Merkur, received the certificate.

The GastroManagementPass is a Bavarian innovation and certifies the holders exemplary knowledge in the field of service quality, but also in law, business management and hygiene. According to Ulrich N. Brandl, the holders of the GastroManagementPass are "model businesses in the Bavarian hospitality industry.

We are barrier-free!

People with physical limitations are close to our hearts

As a hotel, we also want to be a good host to those who are no longer quite so good on their feet or whose mobility is restricted by a disability. For this reason we participate in the campaign "Tourism for All in Bavaria" and after a current review and certification (valid until 2017) we are allowed to award the predicate

"barrier-free" in category A "i".

This qualifies us as a hotel especially for those guests with walking disabilities who are temporarily dependent on a non-motorized wheelchair or a walking aid.

Note: The criteria according to DIN 18024 and DIN 18025 are met with the following deviations:

Distance between grab bars instead of 70cm 74cm

Movement area next to the WC bowl instead of

minimum width 95cm and minimum depth 70cm 82cm x 68cm

Seat height of the WC bowl instead of 48cm 45cm