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Europe Hall

Our Europe rooms 1+2 are located on the ground floor of the house with a direct entrance from the street.

Both rooms are ideal for meetings, seminars and conferences.

The rooms can be used individually.
For coffee breaks and small snacks, the foyer provides a suitable setting.

Europasaal 1 (57 m²)

Our Europasaal 1 can be entered at ground level directly from Nelson Mandela Square. Soundproof windows and air conditioning ensure pleasant days even on sunny summer days.
A spacious foyer is ideal for your conference break and snack.

Block seating with technology:18 persons
U-seating with technology:20 persons
Parliamentary seating with technology:24 persons
Row seating with technique:50 people
Oval:20 persons

Room rent per day € 300.
The rent is waived with a minimum turnover of € 600.

Europasaal 2 (76 m²)

Ideas are formed and solutions developed here. Europasaal 2 is located on the first floor of the hotel and can be expanded into a conference landscape in conjunction with Europasaal 1. Air conditioning and daylight from the courtyard side create a pleasant ambience for creative work.

Block seating with technology:26 persons
U-shaped seating with technology:26 persons
Parliamentary seating with technology:50 persons
Row seating with technique:80 people
Oval:28 persons

Room rent per day € 375.
The rent is waived with a minimum turnover of € 750.